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8,071  Jobs to date

Why Hireland

Hireland is an initiative brought to you not by the government or any lobby group, but by ordinary people who realise we all need to do things for ourselves. We need to Kickstart Ireland. So Hireland is asking Irish Buinesses to think differently – and to pledge a short or long term job now.


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Posted on 10/02/2014

We have just launched our third campaign to get businesses to think differently about hiring. If you think you can hire one more person in your business, the time is NOW!
Hireland has demonstrated that a collective entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Ireland. In the last 2 years we have encouraged the creation of almost 5,000 jobs. This is directly thanks to those business across the country that publicly pledged jobs and hired. Every single pledge creates a positive ripple effect, benefiting not just the individual, but their families, community and local economy. Let's keep this momentum going and get this figure to 10,000 jobs.
If you cannot hire someone full-time, consider part-time or job-share an employee with another business. There is a role for everyone; whether you can hire or simply encourage and influence those that can, or mentor those in need.
To the thousands of people that have supported the movement already, THANK YOU. We have had incredible success so far and now we ask you for one final push to help kickstart a burst of job...Read More

Imagining Ireland 2023

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Hireland launches 2013 campaign

PRESS RELEASE: One year on – Hireland initiative marks 4,000 new jobs during 2012 representing a saving of €30,000,000 to the state - 6,000 job pledges on Hireland in 2012 leads to 4,000...Read More