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Why Hireland

Hireland is an initiative brought to you not by the government or any lobby group, but by ordinary people who realise we all need to do things for ourselves. We need to Kickstart Ireland. So Hireland is asking Irish Buinesses to think differently – and to pledge a short or long term job now.


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The story of a kitchen table movement

Posted on 22/05/2014

After a great start to the year, with more than 1,000 new pledges, bringing the total to over 8,000, we have decided that the time has come to say Thank You as we put the finishing touches to a movement that moved so many.
Over 2,400 small and medium sized enterprises, publicly pledged their commitment to hire in the last 2 years. With 8,184 pledges over 5,400 people have already started back to work, making this movement the most significant jobs initiative Ireland has ever seen. This incredible success is thanks to those businesses.
To formally mark the Hireland journey we have created an insightful e-book. Hireland: The story of a kitchen table movement. This documents our experiences over the past three years. It offers tips, short-cuts and encouragement to those considering starting a movement for change. And, most importantly, it is our way of passing on a genuine THANK YOU to the community of business owners and supporters that made Hireland happen. Without them this would not have been possible.
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